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Emotional and Spiritual Healing

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Healing not only for the physical being – but also the emotional and spiritual being as well.

Our Process:

  • We use the Emotion Code method, as well as Christian healing prayer to identify and release trapped emotions.

  • Toxic thoughts trigger negative emotions which produce negative energy and biochemicals that cause the body stress. These biochemicals and unhealthy energy are stored in your cells. Toxic mental thoughts and emotions can lead to physical and spiritual dysfunction.

  • The Emotion Code method taps into the subconscious of your brain to find the trapped emotions. It is a simple and powerful method of finding and cleansing trapped, negative emotional energy and is safe and effective for all ages. (Not a form of hypnosis)

  • We also offer Christian healing prayer for those who are comfortable.

  • The results contribute to physical and emotional healing and freedom to move forward in your life and let go of the past at a deeper level.

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