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About Us

Master Clinicians

Who We Are

We are master clinicians in Natural Health Restoration Technique, which is a muscle testing technique that evaluates the body, using the nervous system. This technique allows us to identify specific nutritional deficiencies and toxins in the body, enabling us to identify the exact nutrition an individual needs to restore and maintain optimal health.

Dr. Bill Jenkins holds a doctorate in chiropractic and has a masters in physical therapy. Tammy Jenkins is a certified nutritionist and registered nurse. Tammy received her Christian Practitioner Certification through Global Awakening and is trained in physical healing, inner healing and deliverance.

They believe that correcting nutritional deficiencies through superior nutrition and whole food supplementation and identifying and eliminating toxins in the body, as well as emotional and spiritual healing, leads to optimal health.

Dr. Bill and Tammy are also master Splankna practitioners.

We Can't Wait to Meet You - Bill and Tammy Jenkins

Natural Health Center of the Rockies


What We Offer

30 Years of Experience

Bill and Tammy Jenkins have over 30 years of healthcare experience.

Flexible Appointment Slots

Our office staff makes your schedule the priority – every time.

Natural Therapies

Our options are numerous including physical therapy, ultrasound, chiropractic, and acupuncture.

Nutritional Advisement

Tailor-designed nutritional programs to fit your needs and heal your body.

Highest Quality Products

All supplements sold by NHCR are of the highest quality food-based products.

Targeted Prayer

Believing in God and His Word to bring complete healing to every situation.

Meet Our Team

Cornerstone Restoration Ministries bridges the way between a healthy body, soul, and spirit, and those in need. Through nutritional education, emotional and spiritual restoration, and the healing work of Jesus Christ, countless individuals have been given the gift of optimal health through this Christian healing ministry.